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Introducing The Blogfolio!

Published October 02, 2019

After a couple years of a website that simply said ‘Under Construction,’ I’m proud to reveal my Blogfolio! Although at the time of writing I only have a few blog posts out, I plan to heavily expand both the content and the features of this site. Ultimately, this will be the center of my professional life, aggregating all my knowledge and experience and project work. The primary goal is give prospective clients or future employers a place to go to learn about me, my work, and my expertise, but there is also the benefit of giving myself a playground where I can work on features or technologies I wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere.

The tech stack, for example, is one I’ve wanted to play with for awhile but never had the opportunity to really dive in to it. This site uses WordPress for content writing and content management. The markup is written in React. The two of them communicate using GraphQL. Finally, Gatsby produces static pages hosted and deployed by Netlify. It is amazing technology that was great fun to work with and produces something truly remarkable (have you noticed the speed?!).

There are a bunch of features I’m looking forward to working on too, including a left-handed/right-handed mode (for mobile), and a way to toggle between a light & dark theme. Search and navigation via categories are also on my list (a low priority at least until I have more content). Of course, I’m aware the styling is primitive and needs adjustments too. For example, the code samples in some blog posts are rendering today with no syntax coloring — just a monospace font.

In addition to the blog you’re reading now, this site will also house various code samples and project pages — hence the folio part of the Blogfolio. It wouldn’t be much of a resource for clients or employers without some insight into my coding styles and skills. The project pages — like for my WordPress plugins — will also be a place for users or prospective users of those projects to come and research them before deciding to install them on their own websites.

There are good things to come to this Blogfolio. I’m exciting to finally make it available to the world, even if it has a long way to go!