Quantity Stepping in React

February 04, 2020

Part of business is to reduce expenses. At Party Rental Ltd., a major source of expense came from breaking up sets of items. For example, wood folding chairs come in a bag of four. Glassware often came in racks of 12. When a customer orders 110 chairs for a party, the warehouse team has to […]

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Google Maps and the Directions API

November 13, 2019

eCommerce has exploded in the last decade, and companies need to lean into it our get out of the way. Party Rental Ltd., a party rental company that rents things like tables, chairs, and linens, leaned into it heavily. Not only were they the first in the industry to allow orders completely online, but they […]

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Interactive Lost Wages Calculator

July 11, 2017

Occasionally, large corporations need to restructure their policies and few restructurings require better communication than a change in wages. One of the ways we chose to demonstrate the benefits of these new policies was to map out, via interactive calculator, how much more money the employees would be making. Moreover, how much money they could have […]

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