Upcoming Talks

Must Use Plugins

Scheduled for November 17, 2020

WordPress plugins and themes are well established, but how many people are familiar with the lesser known feature Must Use Plugins? This useful facet of the WordPress Core can be incredibly useful when building a site. Come join us for a discussion about what this feature is, how it’s different from regular plugins, and when […]

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Past Talks

Building a Static WordPress Site with Gatsby

Given on August 18, 2020

The WordPress API opened the door to tremendous possibilities and countless new ways to use WordPress. We are no longer bound to the PHP themes WordPress has used for years. In this talk, we will explore one of these new avenues: using WordPress to power a static site. We will discuss what it is, why […]

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Level up Your WordPress Security: Quarantine the Admin

Given on July 01, 2020

WordPress powers a tremendous number of websites. It is easy to use, familiar, and comes with an incredible community. This success, however, comes with one major drawback: security. Because of its ubiquity, WordPress is a prime target for hackers. There are many possible attack vectors, but this talk will focus on one that is uniquely […]

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